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Thank you for the priviledge of creating flowers for your special moments.  I'm officially retired & can be found
wandering in my Garden!

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The natural beauty and seasonal elements of the Pacific Northwest are one my greatest inspirations in floral design.  Each arrangement is thoughtfully designed with the recipient in mind. I use fresh premium blooms, floral textures to add whimsy and interest, and botanical’s such as herbs, greens and seasonal foliage.   The finished design is sure to bring beauty, joy and the restorative qualities of nature into any home or work space.

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Cannon Beach Cottage Flowers offers inspiring floral designs for intimate weddings, elopements and special celebrations.  Combining my passion and love of flowers with your vision, color palette, or … a favorite flower, we will create beautiful, personalized florals that represent the love

and joy of your special day. 

Pricing is customized based on

your particular needs and vision.

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I'm Laurie, owner and Floral Designer of

Cannon Beach Cottage Flowers.

Flowers are, and always have been, an intrinsic part of my very being.  Their beauty brings me joy; their aroma comforts my heart, mind and spirit.  They provide me with a sense of delight, peace and immense gratitude.  I firmly believe they can do all of this for you and others too.  That is why Cannon Beach Cottage Flowers exists.  To bring the elements of beauty and nature into your life, home or special event. To allow the sender of fresh flowers to express feelings or emotions to the recipient that often times words simply cannot convey. Is it any wonder that flowers have their own language?  Join me in sharing flower joy!


Laurie St.Denis

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